03 April 2011

Hiking Monte Matro, Ticino CH

July 1990-2007

This is the third  Ticino (Tessin), Switzerland, based hiking route that I've added to my blog. It is also a one day hiking route. I've done it several times, slightly changing routes. Pictures and the route are from 2007.

Motto (446m) - Monte Matro (2197m) - Motto (446m)

A hike starts first on a tarmac from the a small village called Motto. After crossing the Brenno river one arrives to a small church, Chiesa di San Pietro. Once crossing the river, one comes to another village called Ludiano. Right after the church the hiking path starts to climb under chestnut trees. In 15 min one reaches houses in highest point of Ludiano. From here there will be only small group of houses here and there which are not inhabited around the year.

After Ludiano, the next place is Navone (770m). Mostly a steep path goes in deep forests but every now and then comes an open field space, some having cows with bells ringing, some fields just grow grass. Higher you hike more spectacular view opens to east over the Blenio valley

From Navone the path is quite steep, like climbing ladders, up till next village called Pianezza (1111m). The same follows from Pianezza until you arrive to largest open fields. In the middle of there, there is a nice group houses called Sosto (1553m). Don't mix this name up to Monte Sosto near Olivone in the same Blenio valley. All houses are in excellent condition. People stay here summer months. Energy comes from the sun via solar panels.

From Sosto the hiking path is slightly easier and continues in nice mix of field and forest, more like a park. The final stop before the top is at the hut, called Capanna Pian d'Alpe (1765m). You can eat here, some local delicates are served, even to stay overnight.

From the hut, the first 30mins are one a damp area and then slightly starting to ascend towards the top. At the top, there is a huge antenna, which you can see already from Pianezza. Near the top starts a treeless zone. Also easy, soft hiking path changes to big stones. Open area is also vulnerable for strong wind.

Once reaching the top, 360 degree view is magnificent: the city of Bellinzona is in the south, Leventina valley down in your knees in west, Blenio valley in your knees on east and San Gottardo in north.  A good place to rest if you can find a place without strong wind.

The route back from the top is first the same, but soon there is an option to hook slightly on Leventina side heading towards Basso di Cantoi, a small flat area with awesome panorama. This route also ends to Capanna Pian d'Alpe.

Down from the hut there are several choices to choose from. All that I've taken routed back to Ludiano.

To me, coming back from the top down to valley has always been the tougher one than the climbing one. Once you loose power from your legs, coming down a steep path is a nightmare.

Here's the route (View Larger Map):

Pianezza, Blenio valley somewhere down there

There aren't many streams, so remember to carry water

Fantastic stone warehouses, unfortunately vulnerable for avalances 



Disciplined Swiss hiking, a me piace molto!

Acqua fresca

Matro somewhere there, still a long way to go

Looks easy here, but last 30mins is hopping from stone to stone

A good place for a siesta

Pozzo di Dentro houses, Bacino di Val Malvaglia (artificial lake far front)

One respects local handmade skills, a real beauty

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