24 April 2011

Hiking in a forest, South West Finland

April 2011

Spent most of the Easter in South West of Finland, in the rural country side. The spring weather started to be better an better on each day.

Did some 11km day hike in the local forest. The idea was to observe how spring had arrived in the forest. Hopes of seeing some wild animals were high.

Didn't plan any specific route, so storing coordinates to GPS at starting point and checking the compass every now and then gave confidence of jumping into the deep forest.

In the beginning there was some harvesting done in the forest, leaving tracks here and there which were more easy to hike. Snow had melted away almost totally, but high water was bringing a problem of selecting route to walk. Every now and then there were some brooks which were absolutely full of water and crossing them became a real challenge (being a natural pole vault pro would have helped). Only once stepped into a deep water, getting my foot wet, otherwise crossing them was great fun.

Birds seen during the hike (in Finnish): whooper swan (laulujoutsen), common crane (kurki), capercaillie (metso).  Also some beautiful butterflies: common brimstone (sitruunaperhonen) and mourning cloak (suruvaippa). Someone cut branches near by, possible a moose, but it didn't come into my sight. Lots of fresh animal waste proved there were some living souls near by, although not in sight.

Harvesting, the main highway

Blowin' in the wind

Wild Rosemaries, what a smell 

Me Tarzan You Frog

Nymphalis antiopa

Rush hour, thousands of ants

A pair of common cranes

By a local moose

By a local deer

By a local wild boar? with fresh lingonberries (or could it be a bear?)

Fur by a moose?


Acqua Alta

Less useful

Very useful

Brooklyn Bridge

Ice gone

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