24 February 2011

Snowshoeing in the National Forest, West Coast of Finland

February 2011

Did a 13km snowshoeing walk in the middle of the National Forest in Eurajoki county, West Coast of Finland. 

The weather was cold, about -20C, but sunny with no wind, making all exercise comfortable. Walking with snowshoes carried well on top of the surface, even there's practically almost two feet of snow. A printed map plus a couple of checks via Google Maps proved to keep on track.

The wilderness area was including a part of the Lake Pinkjarvi which in turn was surrounded by the National Forest. The forest area contained multiple small lakes or bonds, several swamp areas and lots of woody forest. All the area belongs to Natura 2000, preserving areas of nature in Finland. In this particular region, the nature will be returned to its most natural form, by e.g. raising moisture level in swamp areas and in small lakes/bonds.

In the region, there were paths to walk/to ski, some bivouac places for making fire and a lodge for a public rent (Saukonniemi) on the shore of the lake. The area is quite small, just for a day or two.

Here's the wandered route:

Tracks of a hare (lepus)

Tracks of a fox (vulpes)

Tracks by Tubbs Mountaineer 36"

Natural Forest (although looks like a maintained Park)

A dead end on a walking path at winter

Raised water level around Lake Ylistenjärvi
has caused some trees to be dying

A frozen cattail (typha latifolia)

A single Phragmites australis and
a dead forest on Lake Vähä-Ylistenjärvi

A home for a goldeneye (Bucephala clangula)

Saukonniemi Lodge on a shore of Lake Pinkjärvi

Mustalahti bivouac on a shore of Lake Pinkjärvi

13 February 2011

Il Cuore d'Inverno, walking in Espoo

February 2011

Did a speedy walk, about 19km, on the waterfront walkway of Espoo (Rantaraitti) and partly on a frozen sea.  It was the heart of the winter at its best, above 50cm of snow, temperature -18C, sunny and the clear blue sky.

Here's the route (Westend - Soukka - Westend):


From Haukilahti towards Miessaari

A brave one swimming on a Haukilahti beach

A temple of Poseidon on Iso Vasikkasaari

Sorry, gate's closed

The Waterfront Walkway

Un Pescatore

Che bella pista !


A shortcut at Kaitalahti

A shortcut at Nuottalahti

The temple of Poseidon on return

A path to Varsasaari

Beautiful trees in Koukkuniemi

Varsasaari on left, Miessaari on background

Guarda la luna !

06 February 2011

Tour Skating on Helsinki

February 2011

Did some 20km of Tour Skating (Matkaluistelu) on a Puotila track. The City of Helsinki publishes maintenance information of the tracks here (which they maintain). Looks like this winter they cannot open Laajalahti track, a real pity.

Puotila track starts near Puotila harbour and circles a small Härkäsaari island, making the circuit about 4 km. There was some water on the track but allowed skating in the middle of the cleaned route. Only few people, mostly some parents with their children. Cloudy, still no sun. Used Lundhags Tour Skating skates (although they call them "Nordic Skates") with ski boots (for skating) with no poles (would have been nice on head wind though).

Here's the route:

Puotila Tour Skating Track 

The track circled Härkäsaari island