31 March 2011

Running & Walking in London UK

March 2011

Spent a few days in London, UK. The weather was warm, closing up to +18C with sunny spells. Daffodils and other flowers were blooming, cherry trees were fully pink and other trees started to get small leaves. In other words, Spring was in the air, heavily.

Ran on a couple of days, on Green Park, St James' Park and Hyde Park. Walked one day from Southwark to Mayfair.

BBC and others had already started to build temporary constructions near the Buckingham Palace due to becoming weddings. Has to be a big happening in the town.

Flowers blooming in front of
the St Paul's Cathedral

Daffodils in Green Park

St James Park and Big Ben 

Cherry tree in St James Park

It's ten past six says Big Ben

My favorite traffic light in London,
Hold On Your Horses!

Hey! What about pedestrians?

Here's the running route on day 1 (View Larger Map):

Here's the running route on day 2 (View Larger Map):

Here's the walking route on day 3 (View Larger Map):

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