09 April 2011

A short hike on Seven Brothers Trail, Nurmijarvi Finland

April 2011

Did today a short day hike on Seven Brothers hiking trail, following Vantaa river at Myllykoski rapids, in Nurmijarvi municipal, Finland. Went to there for two reasons actually; to see how ice melts from the river and to see part of the Seven Brothers hiking trail, which was renovated last year.

The Seven Brothers hiking trail ("Seitsämän Veljeksen vaellusreitti") is some 30km long hike trail in Nurmijarvi and Hyvinkaa municipals. It's about 30mins by car from Helsinki. Some brochures in Finnish, introduction and Hyvinkaa side.

Myllykoski rapids and its neighborhood in the river are popular for fishing, especially for fly fishing. It's also a perfect place for spotting birds which float along the river. White throated dipper can be spotted here, which you normally see in Lapland. This time didn't spot them, instead, saw several pairs of common goldeneyes.

The weather was gorgeous today, +5C and sunny with moderate wind. The day for speeding up Spring. Large parts of the river were open of ice but there were still places here and there where ice covered the whole river. Thus paddling wouldn't have been possible along the river. This kind of weather like today and the rest of the ice would be gone in a couple of days.

Here's the route (View Larger Map):

Pictures from Picasa Album:

Hey, it's a hardwood and these are cones?

3ft deep Grand Canyon

Pikkukoski rapids

Not for cars, nor for bicycles

Soon ice has to give up

Some weeks ago there were tracks for skiing

Still lots of snow

A pair of common goldeneye

Myllykoski rapids on its best

A beautiful formation of ice&snow

Situation near Nahkela


A dead end (near Vantaankoski)

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