16 April 2011

Walking on shores of Helsinki and Espoo Finland

April 2011

Did today a 10km walk around shores Keilaniemi peninsula and Otsolahti bay (cities of Helsinki and Espoo, Finland), to see how ice melting process was progressing on these areas.

The weather was fine, sunny +6C with some cold wind (about 10km off the coast temperature was +10C at the same time).

The sea was open of ice in south of Lauttasaari Island but still almost fully frozen west of it, as well as all bays and peninsulas. Exceptions were around all bridges which were open of ice. As our kayaking club house is deep down along the bay, it'll still take some time before I'm able to put my kayak on the water there.   :-(

Lots of birds singing here and there as well as many floating the open waters. There were some newcomers, too. Saw two pairs of Common Mersangers on Keilaniemi bay (actually, we call it Goosander, more sounds and sights here). A female looks more like a Punk Rocker to me.

Here's the route (View Larger Map):

Frozen sea, east of Hanasaari Island

Open sea, west of Hanasaari Island


Naked Beach

Space left


Two pairs of Common Mergansers

Lehtisaari Bridge


Hiking path in Lehtisaari Island

Stairway to sea


Walking Bridge to Kaskisaari Island

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