27 March 2011

Hiking in Nuuksio National Park, Finland

March 2011

Made a brave decision this morning (Sun 27th); instead of watching F1 premiere GP of this season from TV, headed to Nuuksio National Park. Did a 17km hiking around the small lakes via hiking paths.

The sun shined although not brightly, temperature stayed under zero centigrades and wind was brisk. Had hot coffee in thermo and rye bread sandwich with me. Enjoyed the last real winter days in the middle of the forest. There's still about 2ft of snow. Amazing that it's now the end of March and we have a full winter in the south of Finland.

Saw a big bird flying, heading towards north. Not sure but to me it was a swan (alternative: crane)?

Here's the hiked route (View Larger Map):

A thick formation of ice

A small pond, Niemelänlampi

Do-it-yourself-wood logs

Someone told me its a Lynx?

Pine woods are beautiful late winter

Nice formation

A Lady with a hat

A rock at Vähä-Holma pond

A grip provided by nature, dead needles

A view to Lake Haukkalampi

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  1. Nice one. The prints are indeed from a lynx. The bird at this time of the year is more likely to be a whooper swan, they're returning earlier than cranes, usually.