06 March 2011

Walking on a frozen sea, Helsinki Finland

March 2011

Did a lazy four hour walk on the frozen sea, following approximately the same route as usually by paddling (it's amazing that in about two month's time it'll be possible to paddle the same route again).

Sunny, -2C, really nice weather.  Lots of people spending Sunday outdoors on the sea, by walking, running, bicycling, skiing, skating, kite skiing etc.  The thickness of the ice was about 2 ft.

Here's the route:

An ancient boat shelter in Seurasaari Island

Great walking bridge to Seurasaari Island

Fierce competition whose getting most fish today

Rysäkari Island and a shadow

Open water near Melkki Island

The fastest way to progress today on the frozen sea

A winter day at its best

Where's this leading to?

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  1. Nice, familiar views of today, in great weather. Great pictures!