13 March 2011

Sunday Walk around Laajalahti Bay, Helsinki/Espoo Finland

March 2011

Did a Sunday walk around Laajalahti Bay, about 14km. Yesterday promised sun shine was changed to a very cloudy day.

Laajalahti Bay is surrounded by the cities of Helsinki and Espoo. Around the Bay, there are some real pearls; Laajalahti Nature Reserve area with Villa Elfvik and Gallen-Kallela & Didrichsen museums. Didn't stop these at this time.

While crossing the Nature Reserve, was looking for any signs about early Spring. Certainly areas of open water were increased, being now much larger than last Sunday, e.g. near every bridge. Birds were singing, although didn't recognized other than Great Tit, which all sang fiercely. Pussy willows reminded Easter time coming.

All in all about signs for Spring: some sings yes, but still mostly yet to come.

The route:


An occupant waiting to be able to circle the pole

Pussy Willows, Spring's here !

A Bridge Over Troubled Water

Usually on summer high reed beds block the view to the Bay

Still the fastest way to progress on ice today

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