02 March 2013

A Winter Day On Ice

March 2013

For the time being, this is my last blog post from Helsinki. In few days will be moving to San Diego in Southern California.

Wanted to do something easy outdoors and especially something which I like very much. Walking on a frozen sea served it well.

Though winter has been extremely cloudy, last few days been opposite, beautiful sun shine every day. This morning temperature was clearly colder, about -15C in the morning.

Walked on ice around Merisatama, aka Havshamnen, in the southmost part of Helsinki. The area contained few small islands as Harakka, Uunisaari and Sirpalesaari (aka Stora Räntan, Ungsholmen and Flisholmen).  At summertime, all these tiny islands can be reached by small shuttle boats.

The day was nice.   Farewell Helsinki, you're the best.

Cross country skiing, dog walking and swimming on ice.   Unique

A Suomenlinna ferry tries to beat a monster. Go Go Go!!!

A Room With A View.  Frost guaranteed

A puzzle by nature

A small forest

Can you call this a forest?

Homemade ski tracks

Surface's been broken

Snow Barrels

A common hobby in Finland, cross country skiing

Waiting for summer

Uunisaari island has been my favorite for years

Brrrr ....

Connecting to main land

Uunisaari island, the sea and the sky

What else can you do while talking to your mobile phone?

Walking to Suomenlinna island? Unfortunately not possible anymore

A winter day at Kaivopuisto

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