24 February 2013

Visit on Harakka island

August 2012

Harakka island, aka Stora Räntan, lies in front of Helsinki. For years it was occupied for military purposes, but nowadays it is open for public. It is a great place for visiting, scenery and nature are unique.

A boat from Kaivopuisto carries you there in less than 5 mins and costs few Euros.  There's a Nature Center and Nature Reserve area on the island. The Center is great place for visiting. However, perhaps the best things are the surrounding sea and archipelago. There's never too much people there and therefore is a nice place for relaxing.

The old army building, now called an art house, is full of artists, organised by Harakka ry.

Some photos


A permission to travel

Read all these if you visit there

Nature and the sea

Sometimes you come across guided tours


A ferry to Estonia, and a bee

Variety of nature

A view towards south-east

Wind power

A Northern Wheatear

Do rocks grow beard?

All sweet's gone

Nature Center

A curious perch

An old ammunition warehouse

Some boats look better than others

Harmaja lighthouse island

A classy building

If only La Gioconda would know ...

Yesterday's Army building, today's Art House

Naval Academy on Suomenlinna island

A couple of mins and you're on/off

A view towards Harakka island from Kaivopuisto

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