10 March 2013

Sunday Walk On Beach

March 2013

Have landed at new home in Southern California.  Weather is quite different here, seen now snow only on TV.  As jetlag was still affecting,  decided to do some easy outdoors, like walking.

Went to see the Pacific Ocean and its beaches. Mission Beach was a target.  Not been especially keen at staying on beach, but seeing surfers has attracted me though.  Oceanside's massive waves are yet to wait for a next time.

Walked about some 10km, easy and lazy.

Was amazed about wide variety of hobbies people did. As amazed was about a number of different species of birds, living together in harmony with thousands of people.

Weather was something about +15C, windy but sunny. Spring's obviously arriving at San Diego, too.

Few photos from today on Mission Beach:

The real barefoot running. Great, gonna do it soon!

A side by side walk

A local +60 old chap preparing for his Sunday morning surf

Not interested in surfing

I should be in a kayak, not him


Prohibited, not allowed, banned etc.

Cruiser bikes were popular, not so keen on them

Pick up yours

Get a Segway if walking is too much for you

This Bulldog had learned skateboarding

Heading north

From the 50's

A local forest


  1. You moved! And to California, how cool! You should go meet Glen Van Peski, he lives in town =)

    Just too bad we didn't manage to go for a pint when you were still living in Hki :/ Anyway, Enjoy the USA!

    1. I did, thanks mate!

      He's a Gossamer Gear guy, right? Sure, once I've settled down, I need to get some new gear as I left most of them to Finland. I'm keen on some of their stuff. Surely going to do hiking here.

    2. Yes, he is. He surely will help you pick the right gear (and it's bound to be lightweight, too =).