13 January 2013

Sunday on Vaakkoi

January 2013

Flu. Sticky flu. Persistent flu.  You name it, I've got them all.  All fancy outdoor activities are pending. Couldn't resist of just making a 'quick visit' at outdoors.  Skiing and snowshoeing were far too sporty, so decided to have a short walk on some Recreation area.  Vaakkoi served the place well.

It feels like first winter months in Southern Finland are more or less cloudy nowadays. Or so it feels like. So, it was cloudy today, too.

Forest still had lots of snow, having a thicker surface which almost allowed walking on top.  People go Vaakkoi area for walking on the forest, around years.  There was a perfect path tampered by numerous other people days earlier.

Path twisted around small forest ponds. Ice was thick enough on them to carry a human.

Took several photos. Snow on a cloudy day was not easy to capture. Practiced some close-up photography.  Need more practice. A lot more.

Walked route (view a larger map):

Some photos

Formation on ice

Väärä-Musta pond

Needles, dead ones

Temperature is warming

A single one


A birch tree looks calm on winter

Ski tracks on Saaren Musta pond

Saaren Musta pond



Iso Lehmälampi pond

Snowy mire

A lonesome tree

Snowy forest

Ice fishing on Vaakkoi pond

Helsingin Latu cabin on Vaakkoi pond

Disorder on a snowy forest

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