05 May 2014

Yet another Sunday walk on beach

May 2014

Lazy warm Sundays, they are most welcomed. Escaping inland heat, one first thinks cool wind on the coast.  Some beaches start to be pretty crowded on weekends at this time of the year already.  Parking lots are full in the afternoon, but if you go there early in the morning, you only hit for few surfers.

Though Mission Beach is certainly one of the busiest beaches in San Diego, it's a bloody good one, too. One can walk barefoot on soft and hard sand a few miles from its south point up to Tourmaline Beach, just on the edge of La Jolla.

Between these two is a Pacific Beach and its glorious pier. Surfers near the pier wait a perfect wave to come. Longboard fans seems to stay more on Tourmaline Beach. There you see classic walks on the board while gliding smoothly on surf. What's more, age and gender seem not to restrict surfing, some really stylish and cool longboard surfers.  Youngsters north side of the pier use shorter boards and make fantastic tricks with them. This time waves were tough, not giving too much excuse on them.

Spring is busy time for birds too, who live amongst humans, trying to catch their daily food and to demonstrate their best to attract becoming fiancé.

Walking some 15km on bare feet make good manipulation to your feet, highly recommended.

Few snapshots

Pacific Beach

Crystal Pier on Pacific Beach

Yoga and other exercise

One minute might feel longer than just 60 seconds

Not sure about the name of this exercise

Barefoot running, a free massage to you feet


A proud Godwit marching on

Snowy Egrets


What's left from a skin of a Palm tree

Bull kelp on dry land, children's favorite

Preparing for daily surf



Final stretching

Carry on

Feels good

Rough waters today on Pacific Ocean

Dancing on a Longboard

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