06 November 2011

Sunday hike on Vaakkoi Recreation area, Southern Finland

November 2011

Continued being outdoors while still recovering from the flu. Unfortunately, condition didn't allow me to stay overnight outside, hence only a day hike.

This time, went to Vaakkoi recreation area, some 30km north from Helsinki. Helsingin Latu (which member I am), a member club for Suomen Latu, have got a Sauna on the Lake Vaakkoi.

The whole region is full of walking paths in the forest. Among forest, there are small lakes, bogs and stony hills. Popularity can be noticed on paths, lots of erosion. It's also perfect area for picking up berries and mushrooms.

There were some differences in altitudes between Lakes, i.e. even about 20m between lakes to each other. Thus there were lots of small brooks, like rivers in miniature size.

Ensuring my walk would be slow enough, took a camera and decided to shoot photos beyond normal amount. Worked well.

Started to walk from a parking lot near Vihdintie road, just opposite of Lake Saarijarvi. Headed first towards Lake Tuhkuri. From there, towards Lake Majalampi.  Although it has rained quite a lot this autumn, bogs were quite dry, you could walk through them. Well, a little bit jumps from here and there was required.

Sauna was warm when I arrived there. Without recent flu, I'd have enjoyed its services with quick castings in Lake Vaakkoi (its water temperature was +6C). However, had to skip it this time.

Here's hiked route (View Larger Map):

Green tones of moss

Underwater mushrooms

Captivated sickness

Typical small bog around Vaakkoi area

Kalatoin pond 


A tiny brook

I wonder who have made them?

Moss covering stones


Green Park

Double trouble

Skin's off

Typical large bog

Grand old Juniper tree

This is what a dog will see

Lake Iso-Lehmälampi

A dry fern can be nice, too


Leaning edge on Lake Vaakkoi

Experiencing longer shutter speed

I used 1" shutter speed, WB set to Cloudy. Set up camera on top of the stone near by, adjusted a zoom, focused and shot a photo. Next time need to try a bit shorter as well as much longer shutter speed times, just to see reference.

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