13 November 2011

Lazy Outdoor Days on West Coast of Finland

November 2011

Spend Father's Day weekend on the west coast of Finland.  Continued slow outdoor activities, no real sports like running yet, but more slow hiking on the coast and local Nature Reserve and recreation areas.

Wanted to practice more about photographing the moon, as there was a full moon time. Unfortunately cloudy weather remained over the weekend, hiding the moon behind clouds. Temperature stayed above +5C, unusual of Nov weather in southern Finland.

Calm wind allowed to capture interesting photos near small lakes, reflections from the surface. Turned some of the into black and white. To me, they looked better as b&w than in colours.

Some photos in B&W

A woodpecker

On the coast

Splish Splash


Figures on the rocks


Kallo Lighthouse

Säppi Lighthouse (island in far distance)

Petrol leaked

On the lakes and forests


A route

A swan having a daily break

Curious white-tailed deer

Grand old pine tree

A willow

Getting heavy

45 and 90 degrees by nature