09 July 2011

Sea Kayaking trip to Porkkala Peninsula, Gulf of Finland

July 2011

Did earlier this week a three day paddling trip to Porkkala peninsula in Kirkkonummi municipal, Gulf of Finland. Total paddled distance was about 90km. Tested equipment (camping etc. and myself, too!) for becoming 9-day paddling trip, starting next week.

When leaving club house the wind was quite strong, about 8 m/s and even harder in gusts.  Good news was it seemed to be a tailwind for day 1. And it certainly was. Near Rövargrundet island waves were at least 1.5m high. Bypassing boat disappeared from my sight every now and then. Had to change the planned route a bit due to increasing waves.

Direction of the wind was from east/south-east so it was able to hit directly to coast as there were not so many islands or land slowing it down. That's the reason why waves were so high, too.

Reached Lill Skorvan island in record time. There was no soul nearby. Set up a camp and cooked some early dinner.  Observed island and watched waves breaking to rocks.  Tried to get some sleep with not great success, waves after waves. Then about 3 or 4 AM group of birds started to 'discuss' with each other, loudly I'd say.

The next day after breakfast headed towards Porkkala peninsula. Left the base camp to island. Wind was still quite strong so decided to take most safest route although it passed some open peninsulas, where wind hit directly.

Arrived at the shop. Lots of sail and other boats were at visitor center. Got some fresh strawberries. Then filled water tanks and headed towards Porkkala Coast Guard. Took some photos there. Didn't jump out from the kayak but circled around the head of Porkkala peninsula. Island here were nice, great rocks with pine trees. Lots of summer cottages for sure, too.  Directly south from peninsula went a busy water route from west to east. Lots of sail and other boats on that route, mostly heading towards west, to city of Hanko I presumed.

Time to turn the kayak towards north east and back to the base camp on Lill Skorvan island. From now on all the way back to base camp, and next day, too, to club house, the wind stayed against me. The sun appeared making return to base camp more enjoyable. Now really big waves didn't feel so bad in the sun. Have to say experiencing these big waves in two days was really important for becoming trip.

After arriving at Lill Skorvan island, prepared an early dinner. The rest of the day followed local birds which had baby birds. Certainly there was some protection even when trying to take a photo near from them. Still didn't see a soul in any nearby islands (where's everybody?).

Spent the rest of the evening in the hammock. Sleep with all that fauna around wasn't a great success either.

The 3rd day backed everything and returned back to club house. Despite head wind all the way, the sun shined and made scenery magnificent to watch.

Need to return some day to Porkkala peninsula. There seemed to be lots interesting islands, some lighthouses and great flora and fauna.  However, that region is favorable for strong wind, so need to be lucky to get a good and easy weather. Otherwise it would be tough paddling mostly.

Here's GPS stored paddling route (show larger map):

Stormy weather:

Finally on Lill Skorvan island

Waves breaking down


Baby seagulls


You woke me up at 4AM, shame on you !!!

Digging food

Porkkala peninsula:

Rush hour at shop

Porkkala Coast Guard

Lighthouse on Rönnskär island


Okay, I slowdown a bit

Zig Zag

Life and death

Lill Skorvan island:


Base Camp



Nature on Lill Skorvan island:


Wild Chives

Old meets young

Tough life for pine trees

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