19 June 2011

Paddling to Hellmansgrundet island, Helsinki Finland

June 2011

I usually spend Sundays outdoors, as I did today.

In summer time, if I don't go running, hiking, cycling, being sick or having a hangover, I usually go paddling.  I often select a route ad-hoc while paddling. Thus, the route is seldom exactly the same as previous ones (although most often I start and end the trip from our sea kayaking club house).

Today I decided to go to Hellmansgrundet island (Hellmaninkupu in Finnish) to eat some peanuts, smell salty water and watch waves hitting the rocky island. Couldn't avoid seeing and hearing some sea gulls, although today there were nice to me. Pretty relaxing out there have to admit.

I came back criss-crossing islands here and there.

GPS recorded route 23km (show larger map):

Hellmansgrundet island (Hellmaninkupu på finska)


A place for a tent?     I don't think so

It's a rocky island

How many time waves have to hit there to make its form like this?


Life and ...

... dead

Drink this if you want stomach problems

A giant frog?  Nope, it's just me

A view to Gråskär island


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