06 February 2011

Tour Skating on Helsinki

February 2011

Did some 20km of Tour Skating (Matkaluistelu) on a Puotila track. The City of Helsinki publishes maintenance information of the tracks here (which they maintain). Looks like this winter they cannot open Laajalahti track, a real pity.

Puotila track starts near Puotila harbour and circles a small Härkäsaari island, making the circuit about 4 km. There was some water on the track but allowed skating in the middle of the cleaned route. Only few people, mostly some parents with their children. Cloudy, still no sun. Used Lundhags Tour Skating skates (although they call them "Nordic Skates") with ski boots (for skating) with no poles (would have been nice on head wind though).

Here's the route:

Puotila Tour Skating Track 

The track circled Härkäsaari island

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