13 February 2011

Il Cuore d'Inverno, walking in Espoo

February 2011

Did a speedy walk, about 19km, on the waterfront walkway of Espoo (Rantaraitti) and partly on a frozen sea.  It was the heart of the winter at its best, above 50cm of snow, temperature -18C, sunny and the clear blue sky.

Here's the route (Westend - Soukka - Westend):


From Haukilahti towards Miessaari

A brave one swimming on a Haukilahti beach

A temple of Poseidon on Iso Vasikkasaari

Sorry, gate's closed

The Waterfront Walkway

Un Pescatore

Che bella pista !


A shortcut at Kaitalahti

A shortcut at Nuottalahti

The temple of Poseidon on return

A path to Varsasaari

Beautiful trees in Koukkuniemi

Varsasaari on left, Miessaari on background

Guarda la luna !

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