26 October 2013

Hiking on Santa Ysabel Preserve

October 2013

Autumn has finally arrived at Southern California. Autumn colors, foliage in bright yellow and red looks fabulous.

'Mile high' mountains are less an hour's drive from San Diego. They lay from south to north, leaving desert on east side and hills on west side until Pacific Ocean.

Went this time to Mountains near Julian, a small town famous for apple pies. Had earlier been near there on Volcan Mountains and had noticed two interesting trails near by, Santa Ysabel West trails and East trails.  Chose the former this time, leaving East trails to wait.

There's a small parking lot along the road between Ramona and Julian. Fences around fields hinted  cattle though there were not visible from the road.

To describe the nature, there were big hills full of growing grass, burnt and dried by the sun.  Here and there were big old oak trees and few sycamore trees.

After half an hour from the start noticed a group of wild turkeys. Early lunch was in their schedule.

Hard sandy road twisted between hills. Horse trails went near. Only few people were on trails in the morning, thus met mostly animals. A deer was following me in distance, big eagles circled near, ground squirrels ran here and there, hares/rabbits had busy time running back and forth, black cows were eating grass on hills, woodpeckers knocked new holes on old oak trees. I guess business as usual there.

Met some horse riders. Real cowboy hats, looked awesome. There were few places for rest, points to tie horses, tables with benches. Great places to have a break, to enjoy snack and to enjoy scenery.

Met more people while returning. Someone asked are bulls on lose. Was prepared having enough water but wasn't to prepare to run against bulls. Thanks for not meeting them face to face. At this time. Animals had started a siesta at noon. Not a bad idea on Sunday.

After spending a day on big hills, went to pick up a few apples from a farm near Julian (best apples I've tasted!).  

Looking forward when the first snow hits Santa Ysabel. I'll be back then.



Tie your horse and have a break

How old are you?

Eating grass

An animal farm

Twisted road on hills

Here's looking at you, kid

An Oak Tree

In the shadows

A view towards west

Turning left

A view towards south east


A lonesome

An old oak tree

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