01 April 2013

A Walk On Blue Sky Ecological Reserve, Poway CA

Mar 2013

After morning bicycle ride on northern hills of San Diego, took a drive by car to the city of Poway, to explore one of its Nature Reserve areas there.  The place was called Blue Sky Ecological Reserve.

The area was quite hilly. Back in Finland we would have called these size of hills as mountains or massive fells.

Sunny afternoon, burning sun, as almost every day. Some water and a camera with a kit zoom lens.

Didn't know what to expect. Had passed the place earlier a week ago by bicycle and saw people heading towards a small valley with lots of old oak trees.  The oak trees were the first ones to see there. Some massive trees with bent branches gave good shelter for the burning sun.

Strict rules allowed you to walk only on marked trails. You heard all sort of sounds coming from the bushes near the trail. Obviously some birds and ground squirrels had their daily routines there.

Soon the valley and trees ended and the trail split into two, one towards Lake Ramona, another towards Lake Poway. Decided to walk to the Lake Ramona.

The trail started to be like an Alpine road having left and right twists, going higher and higher. An hour later arrived at the dam of the lake (having a camera with you makes hill walking even slower). There was a good and nice scene to the lake, as well as towards the Lake Poway.

Saw few hawks gliding above surrounding hills. A few ravens flew here and there, too. The trail was full of tiny lizards. Small birds sang loudly staying hide from my camera.

Walked back via the same trail. A few snapshots slowed down the walk. Strange plants and flowers to me. Nice anyway.

After arriving at the shadow of oak trees, saw a couple of big bird nests. A woodpecker did its work. A funny looking bird. A hawk posed a few seconds on a tree near by, wish I'd have a good lens in my camera some day.

All in all a place worth visiting, seeing rare and vulnerable nature, plants and its animals so near, but not disturbing them too much.

A 10km walk, climbing 5km up to Lake Ramona and returning the same route back (show a larger map):

Some photos

5 mph, a limiting factor

Nice and cool in shadows

A single beauty

A becoming palm tree or an agave plant

A twisty road

A daily lizard

Yellow. Are. They.

A tough place to cope with

Towards Lake Ramona

Smooth edges

Lake Ramona

Lake Poway in distance


An ugly looking creature

Swaying grass


Back in the shadows

Can't be more black

A Woodpecker having a short break

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