05 August 2012

A Sunday Walk along Glims Nature Path

August 2012

Had a lazy Sunday walk in Espoo, Finland. Walked along the Glims river, on its Nature Path.

The Glims river was a narrow and small creek, which started from Lake Pitkäjärvi and transformed to Espoo river somewhere before the Old Church of Espoo.

The nature path started from Träskända Park and ended at Glims Bridge, being only few kilometers long.  The path was marked, see the points in the map.

The place is easy to reach by public transport.

Walked route (view in a larger map):

Started the walk from the Träskända Manor's parking lot. First walked to Träskända (aka Järvenperä in Finnish) Bridge to see where the river would start:

Pic above was taken from the bridge crossing the river:

Entered to Träskända Manor's Park. It's been defined to be a Nature Reserve area. It's a beautiful forest type park with massive and old noble trees:

There were few walking bridges where you could cross the Glims river:

Birds were flying along the river:

Started to follow the path near the river. A storm last Boxing Day did a lot of damage in this park:

However, good to see that new tree plants existed:

Dots had appeared again to leaves of maple trees:

Some trees were already in Autumn mood, reminding it's not too far:

The Glims river had many twists left and right:

Sometimes the path went off the river. Type of forest changed every now and then from spruce and pine to birch:

On northern side field appeared:

And soon the path went near the river again:

There were a reasonable amount of wild strawberries and lots of raspberries. Show stoppers for a walk.

The upper part of the river would have been too difficult for paddling:

The river didn't have big rapids, this one perhaps being the biggest one:

The next bridge crossing the river was Ingas Bridge:

Heading next to Ingas forest saw this sign, a truly respectful sign:

The path went now in a forest. Mushroom time was about to begin soon:

Some disease on trees:

Heard familiar sound from near distance. A Spotted Woodpecker did its work:

The forest had ended. It was now fields on both sides. The river crossed next Old Turku Road:

Willows guarded the river:

The nature path ended to Glims Bridge, which was an old and nice bridge:

Climbed via bicycle route to Glims Heritage Museum. Nice old houses reminding how life was some decades back:

It was about lunch time. There was one of my grand favourite place near by, Bemböle Kaffestuga. It's about 300 years old, a small wooden house. Had a laxsoppa there. Gratis!

Returned via old King's Road. Bemböle's old school was a noble one:

One could see a huge Jorvi Hospital in distance:

Unfortunately there aren't many old milestones available anymore. However, here's one:

Houses and fields were nice:

There's a pick-yourself strawberry field. Pick berries yourself and pay later. Cool!

A new Deaconess Office had mixed colours:

 The King's Road got these identification signs few years ago:

Returned to Träskända Park. Noticed small fish in the river:

There was now more people going here and there in the park:

Some people enjoyed picnic:

New acorns coming:

Before returning to the car, circled around Träskända Manor. The 300 years old, gorgeous Manor, became famous by one Lady who lived there some 100 years ago, Aurora Karamzin.  She created a deaconess order in Finland.

There was one more thing to see, an Emperor's Toilet:

Birds, nature and laxsoppa. A Sunday in August. Goodie.

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