11 July 2012

Exploring Bolle di Magadino Nature Reserve

July 2012

In Ticino Canton (CH), on the ponds where Ticino river lands on Lake Maggiore, there is a nice Nature Reserve area called Bolle di Magadino (Ponds of Magadino). It's a flat land, quite a rare though in the region. However, it is surrounded by mountains on south and north sides, and the lake, Lago Maggiore, on west side.

Revisited area and did longer walk there now than last winter. Was hopeful of seeing large variety of animals, all sort, but they kept hide of me most of the time.

At winter time the sun didn't appear in the area, whereas now in summer time it hit straight there. However, trees brought good shades, helping to survive of a hot day.

Walking, bicycle riding etc. are very limited there, though some predefined paths do exist. Plants cover quite a lot of areas which in turn offer good hides for animals who are not so keen on publicity of human beings and their photo equipments.

Did first a walk around the northern area. Then moved to southern area and had another long walk there.

Saw one very rare view there while walking; a snake was on the tree and had a fish on its mouth, see photo below. It was near the river, obviously it had just raised from there and climbed into a tree and planned to have a peaceful lunch.

Walked route in northern and southern parts, altogether 13km. Ignore vertical line between areas (view in a larger map):

Some photos

Enter to Nature Reserve

Bolle di Magadino ends to Lake Maggiore

There were several ponds ...

... and several meadows with massive trees

Ponds were good hideaways

Supportive tree

A Barnhouse

Left on purpose?

I could run there


For pedestrians

Ticino river

Variety of birds singing, but couldn't spot them on these trees

Beautiful city of Locarno


Daily Frog

Wild Asparagus, Yum!

Lazy Sunday

On Boardwalk


Almost ready

Honey Honey



A break

Where's my family?

A beauty

Biiiiig fish



Another beauty

Nice dots

You hear the sound, too?

Hmmm ... where to hop next?


Lunch time


Use your wings!

Good smell

Oh gee!

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