21 January 2012

Snowshoeing - A Season Opener

This is what I'd been waiting for since last winter; about 30cm of new, powder snow, enough of it, to allow snowshoeing. Now we got it, just great! Let it please stay for the next two months.

A week ago did my cross country skiing opener at Oittaa Recreation Center, circling 1.3km loop with 1000 of other skiers. Wasn't too fun due to heavy traffic but acted as a medicin to cure for an immediate pain of not being able to do real winter outdoor activities before.

As it was still snowing in the morning, decided to try snowshoeing instead of cross country skiing (time to swap on tomorrow). Last winter I got really hooked on this. It felt so fantastic to walk on woods, on places which were difficult to reach even at summer time. Steep stones up and down.

Didn't go too far but to the northern part of the Central Park of Helsinki (a forest, you know). There was a strong storm just after Christmas. It cut lots of trees. You did notice the end result of the storm in forest, lots of fallen trees, forcing you to change the walking route. It didn't matter too much as I didn't have any particular route to follow.

Circled here and there. After some km's legs started to feel heavy to lift. Walking near trees dropped snow on to you all the time. Felt like being a snowman, on snowshoes though. After all, all it did was make you wet. Legs became heavier and heavier, followed by even heavier breathing. High BPM indeed.

After being four hours in the woods, arrived at a parking lot. Exhausted, but extremely happy.

My snowshoes are 36" Tubbs Mountaineers. In powder, you walk in steep snow but they are large enough to carry you quite nice. Too big ones if the snow really carries you. You need good poles, too, to support your walk. All in all, tough sports I'd say.

Took some photos during the walk. However, didn't bring my DSLR due to snowing conditions. Snowy and cloudy conditions were difficult to catch proper photos (plus constant heavy breathing and hand trembling by the photographer). 

My Garmin had stopped finding any satellites, so used Sports Tracker in iPhone to record the event. Here's a recorded route, 10km (show larger map):

New, old fashioned fence

Vantaankoski rapids

Dead End



Ladies first

Almost there

Somebody's been here

Covered by snow

Run for you life!


  1. Hi,

    Found this blog through a link on Hiking in Finland. Great photos, keep up the good work! Saw that you had taken some earlier trips to Kopparnäs, it's also a great place for snowshoe hiking when the snow is deep enough...

  2. Thanks Steve! Yeah, that might be a nice place with snowshoes, too. Kopparnäs is such a nice place, some km's without summer cottages!