09 January 2011

Snowshoeing in Nuuksio National Park, Finland

January 2011

Did a 13km snowshoeing hiking trip in Nuuksio (Noux) National Park. The weather was miserable, light rain and temperature above zero degrees (Centigrades), making snow soft and sticky. There was a lot of snow in the forest, although becoming days will pack snow a lot. Perhaps due to the weather conditions, there was no sign of any animals at all (a day off?).

This trip was also to test a down fill jacket's capability to keep a body warm during longer breaks in cold and windy conditions. Tested down jacket was Halti's new model, Whiff 550. During the hiking, the jacket was packed into one of its pockets, thus it did not reserve much space in the backpack.  Have to say that Halti's down jacket fulfilled its requirements (created by the undersigned), keeping a sweat body warm enough.

Here's the hiking route:

Some streams were not fully frozen

A snowshoe path near Holma-Saarijarvi lake

Wet snow can do some damage to trees

A nature can make an emoticon

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  1. Nice pictures! Like your other stories also.