31 December 2010

Summing Up Year 2010

December 2010

Did various activities altogether about 3500 km, from where some

  • 1000 km of paddling with a sea kayak, mostly on the sea in Helsinki&Espoo archipelago
  • 850 km of running, including orienteering
  • 500 km of bicycling, mostly between home and work
  • 650 km of cross country skiing, mostly on a classic style
  • 300 km of hiking, including nordic walking and snowshoeing
All exercises were measured using a Garmin device which had a GPS with HRM.

Some trips to abroad were nice, especially first Rocky Mountains visit. Staggering Rockies indeed. Also a hiking trip to Lemmenjoki national park was very nice. Finding suitable places to do running on Tokyo downtown was quite difficult, whereas London offered several places for it.

The best photo taken by the undersigned during 2010? For sure the one from the Gulf of Bothnia, i.e. on the sea in the west coast of Finland, on eve of Midsummer. the sea was extremely calm, practically no wind at all. Here's the photo:

My best photo of the year 2010

Prospects for the year 2011?  Less travelling abroad and more outdoor recreation activities at homeland.

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