17 October 2010

Sea kayaking to Suvisaaristo, Espoo

Oct 2010

Paddled alone to Espoo Suvisaaristo, namely to Pentala island. Altogether about 38km with a couple of short breaks. Here's the route, paddled anti clockwise.

During the day trip, reached for the first time in my paddling career a 1000km limit per a season !

The first three hours there was a mild wind and a cloudy sky, but when returning clouds disappeared and the sun shined beautifully. Tailwind helped returning a lot.

Saw a couple of small venison in one of the islands. Could not catch them by a camera.

This season's 1000km reached at Mataskär island !

A coffee break at Pentala Beach

Käärmesaari island in Autumn colours

Mäntysaari island in Autumn colours

Käärmesaari island

A view from Mäntysaari
towards Käärmesaari


A view from Mäntysaari
towards Käärmesaari

My sea kayak

Finnish Sauna Society in Lauttasaari


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