24 October 2014

A Day Hike On Mount Rainier National Park

Oct 2014

While visiting Seattle WA, squeezed one day off from the city and headed to Mount Rainier National Park.  The NP was dominated by a well over 4000m high monster and a snowy top mountain, Mount Rainier (aka a massive stratovolcano).

After two hours drive arrived at Sunrise Day Lodge, the highest visitor place in the NP (about 1950m). Clear blue sky and a bit chilly and windy air, perfect for a day hike.

Planned to hike first to Frozen Lake, continuing to Glacier Overlook and finally via Shadow Lake back to starting point, visiting a Visitor Center at Sunrise. Some 10km overall.

Wind increased when ascending above treeline. Lots of other hikers, even some trailrunners.  Stunning view all the time, Mount Rainier's snow slopes dominating the view.

Gusty wind kept visit at the Frozen Lake short.  Few snapshots and descended back the Wonderland Trail.  Few hikers set up their tents at Sunrise Camp. Crossed the Camp and ascended to the Glacier Overlook.

From here the whole vista opened.  Glacier, an unknown turquoise lake and White River down in the valley. Forgot to bring binoculars, oh bugger!

Descended the same trail back to the Camp and continued a while to the Shadow Lake. Snapshots, snaphots.

While returning back to Sunrise, turned around every now and then to capture view of the Mount Rainier. Endless snapshots.

After arriving at Sunrise, chatted with a Ranger about history and geology of the mountain. Borrowing binoculars spotted few hikers near the top of the mountain. Just wow!

Pretty day spent on trails above 2000 meters. Would be a great place to do backpacking trips here.

Few snapshots


Tipsoo Lake

A Chipmunk (where's Alvin?)

One of many Meadows

Mount Fremont Trail

North Burroughs Mountain Trail

A 100-mile long Wonderland Trail

Mixture of Fall Colors I

Mixture of Fall Colors II

Burroughs Mountain Trail

Glacier Overlook and Goat Island Mountain

Mount Rainier (4392m)

Emmons Glacier

White River

Shadow Lake

Sunrise Day Lodge

Two hikers on trail to the top of Mount Rainier