14 April 2012

Myllykoski Bigwater Festival

April 2012

People who like wild water kayaking are spoiled in Southern Finland this weekend. Today, Saturday (14-Apr), there's a invitation competition called Myllykoski Bigwater Festival (MBF). It took place on Myllykoski rapids on Vantaa River in Nurmijarvi municipal.

Tomorrow, Sunday, there's another wild water festival called iceBREAK. It'll take place on Vanhakaupunki rapids on Vantaa River in Helsinki.

Went to Myllykoski to see MBF. Cloudy and some light rain wasn't inspiring. Noticed first that all ice was gone from the river. However, seeing some kayaking colleagues there, and especially seeing and hearing rapids with full of running water brought the spirit. Heartbeat raised when kayakers started to run through rapids. Cool!  Btw, these rapids are a bit too demanding to my skills, at least at this time of the year as stoppers looked killers.

About competition. Each one had three attempts from where two fastest were accumulated. Winners in this  years competition were Paula Suurseppa and Jussi Tanskanen. Congratulations! Thanks to all competitors as you entertained us and we had good time there.

And special Thanks to local young Scouts who prepared delicious crepes with jam (muurinpohjalettuja in Finnish)!

Some snapshots

Competition Poster

Ladies Winner

Mens Winner

Enough is enough

09 April 2012

Snapshots of Nature on Easter, Southern Finland

April 2012

For me long Easter weekend was about friendship, (lots of) good food (lamb, eggs both organic & chocolate ones and loads of Mämmi) and slowly exploring nature with a camera. Had some luck with weather, although cold but sunny almost the whole time.

Early Spring time amazes year by year, how eagerly birds are flying back to Finland, how plants want to grow quickly, how all animals get busy about building new nests to their families. Hope I didn't disturb their life too much.

Near the coast one can see new birds arriving from the south, to spend next 6 to 8 months of their life in the northern hemisphere. It's always exciting to see some species for the very first time. This time I saw a pair of Common Cranes.

Here's some photos from southern Finland, on Easter weekend 2012.

Roads & Paths

Frozen road

Frost on ice

Skiing season's off


Muddy road

Rough tarmac

Evolution Of Wood

Grand pine trees

A forest on a mire

'Smoke Gets In Your Eyes'


Tall and alive

Tall and dead


Just the beginning

Young meets old

Loosing skin

Skin of a birch tree


A cone


On The Field And Forest

Grass on grass

A field

Wild rosemaries, scent of a mire


Beginning of a spider's nest

One of these: Lynx?, Raccoon Dog? or Fox?


A young stallion

Birdies etc.

Lots of whooper swans heading north

A pregnant lizard



Pair of Common Cranes

Plants etc.


New moss

New cottongrass

... And At The End

Still Life

Thanks Figo!