30 May 2013

A Day Hike On Hellhole Canyon Preserve

April 2013

Did a day long hiking trip on Hellhole Canyon Preserve. The place was located in northern part of San Diego County, north east from the city of Escondido.

Not too hot day. Cloudy, unusual.

Drove though Indian reservations. The road climbed higher, nearly up to 2000 ft.  Parking lot had few horse trailers. Area looked quite open, not much trees providing shelter or shade.

There was a single trail leading to the canyon, a valley full of noble trees. A small creek twisted in the canyon. Fresh green leaves looked nice, so much about Spring time.

The trail from the parking lot to the canyon was called Historic Flume Trail. Several other hikers already returned from their hike. Saw first horses, too. Must have been a truly nice experience riding on such trails.

After a while, arrived at the junction and had to choose to hike the loop clock or anti-clock wise. Chose former. The name of the trail changed, now called Paradise Trail. It started to climb.

After an hour or two, arrived at the top. Nice 360 degree panorama.  This was followed maybe the best part of the hike, the trail continued on top of the mountains.

After last peak, the name of the trail changed again, Rodrigues Peak Trail. Which was a steep descent back to the valley.  Now realized that it would have been safer and better to hike the loop clockwise as descending steep trail was not so easy, slippery as it was.

Soon came a junction which had traces of horses. The name of the trail changed to Canyon View Trail. Saw again a couple of horses with happy riders.

The trail joined to the same trail which had came earlier. The loop was done.

Nice things there was open space, trails through various altitudes, nice 360 degree scenery, wildlife, hawks and other birds, a canyon with a creek and old noble trees to list few.

Hiked route, almost 10 miles (show a larger map):


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An overview to the valley

On canyon trail

On Paradise Mountain Trail


Trail guidance


A trail runner

Getting altitude

A break

A view

Spring flowers

Plants are strong, pushing through paved ground

Rincon Casino down in the valley

Best part of the trail went on top of the mountains

A view

A view

A boulder