31 December 2010

Summing Up Year 2010

December 2010

Did various activities altogether about 3500 km, from where some

  • 1000 km of paddling with a sea kayak, mostly on the sea in Helsinki&Espoo archipelago
  • 850 km of running, including orienteering
  • 500 km of bicycling, mostly between home and work
  • 650 km of cross country skiing, mostly on a classic style
  • 300 km of hiking, including nordic walking and snowshoeing
All exercises were measured using a Garmin device which had a GPS with HRM.

Some trips to abroad were nice, especially first Rocky Mountains visit. Staggering Rockies indeed. Also a hiking trip to Lemmenjoki national park was very nice. Finding suitable places to do running on Tokyo downtown was quite difficult, whereas London offered several places for it.

The best photo taken by the undersigned during 2010? For sure the one from the Gulf of Bothnia, i.e. on the sea in the west coast of Finland, on eve of Midsummer. the sea was extremely calm, practically no wind at all. Here's the photo:

My best photo of the year 2010

Prospects for the year 2011?  Less travelling abroad and more outdoor recreation activities at homeland.

Snowshoeing in Central Park of Helsinki

December 2010 (the last day of the year)

Did a 11 km snowshoeing walk around the forest in northern part of the central park in Helsinki. Here's the route (link to Google Maps). It took about four hours with some breaks.  Had some sandwiches and hot coffee in backpack and enjoyed a short lunch break at Niskala Arboretum. The sun appeared some couple of hours for the first time after some weeks.

The sun appeared after some weeks 

Hundreds of skiiers around the park

A nature seems to know a printed side

Cannot stop watching the sun in the snowy forest

A perfect spot for a break

A new information screen in the middle of the forest

Simply a beautiful nature

28 December 2010

Snowshoeing in Oittaa, Espoo Finland

December 2010

Exercised a 3 hours snowshoe walking with a friend of mine in Oittaa recreation area, in Espoo Finland. There was a marked 4 km track for snowshoeing made into a middle of the woods, having lots of ups and downs of local hills. Depth of the snow was about 50cm, all of it still like powder.

A wood log cabin

The track was well marked

Felt like it was uphill all the time ...

A step outside of the track and
you had snow up to your knees

Snow had built some artistic views

25 December 2010

Cross Country Skiing on a Christmas Day

December 2010

Went skiing on a frozen lake in western Finland on a Christmas Day. Did two rounds around the lake, altogether 24 km. A blue dim day with about -15C temperature. The lake was frozen about a feet thickness, carrying the weight of a car. The ski track was made by a snow mobile previous day. Saw only a couple of other skiiers and a snow mobile on a fast track.

A birch tree bent over the frozen lake

A deer recently killed by a wolf

A frozen scenery

Small tracks on the snow between the rushes and the ground, mice perhaps?

The track went through every small bay on a lake

19 December 2010

Half Distance Marathons

December 2010

Ran a half distance marathon on a very heavy snow storm.
Here's the route (link).

After yesterday's snow fall, today there was officially 68cm (about 2ft 4in) of deep snow !
On the following day done another half marathon distance, by skiing (cross country skiing on classic style).
Here's the route (link).

13 December 2010


December 2010

Some 10K walk in a busy Christmas alike London. The weather was quite chilly with sunny spells.

Regent Street

Carnaby Street

Piccadilly Circus

Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer at Covent Garden

Christmas Market at Covent Garden

Admiralty Arch from the Trafalgar Square to The Mall

London Eye, The Thames, Palace of Westminster and The Big Ben

05 December 2010

Cross Country Skiing, Central Park of Helsinki

December 2010

The 2nd time of the season done some 20km of cross country skiing at northern part of the central park in Helsinki. The weather changed during the morning, sometimes from sunny spells to cloudy and finally some new snow, having practically no wind at all. Ski tracks were made during all the day, making skiing easy. Quite a lot of people, especially at Paloheina hut.

New old fashioned fence (Riukuaita) built near Pitkäkoski hut

A snowy birch tree

A small bridge directing to Niskala Arboretum

Ski tracks follow near Vantaa river

Human tracks, unfortunately not a bear tracks ...

An alley at Niskala

17 October 2010

Sea kayaking to Suvisaaristo, Espoo

Oct 2010

Paddled alone to Espoo Suvisaaristo, namely to Pentala island. Altogether about 38km with a couple of short breaks. Here's the route, paddled anti clockwise.

During the day trip, reached for the first time in my paddling career a 1000km limit per a season !

The first three hours there was a mild wind and a cloudy sky, but when returning clouds disappeared and the sun shined beautifully. Tailwind helped returning a lot.

Saw a couple of small venison in one of the islands. Could not catch them by a camera.

This season's 1000km reached at Mataskär island !

A coffee break at Pentala Beach

Käärmesaari island in Autumn colours

Mäntysaari island in Autumn colours

Käärmesaari island

A view from Mäntysaari
towards Käärmesaari


A view from Mäntysaari
towards Käärmesaari

My sea kayak

Finnish Sauna Society in Lauttasaari


10 October 2010

Weekend in Paris

Oct 2010

Spent a weekend in a warm and sunny Paris.

Tour Eiffel & Trocadero

Notre Dame

A concert in front of the Hotel de Ville

02 October 2010

Sea kayaking to Vasikkasaari, Espoo

Oct 2010

Paddled with a friend of mine to Espoo archipelago.  There was an unbelievable fog almost all the time, one could not see more than just a few meters ahead. Had a break in Vasikkasaari island. Returned back to Helsinki by circling Miessaari island from south direction.  The fog started quickly disappear when we approached near to Käärmesaari island, bringing cloudless blue sunny sky.

Absolutely one of the nicest weather conditions to experience by paddling.

A break at Vasikkasaari

A foggy Pukkisaari island

Almost like from a scifi film

Low sea water level at Pyöräsaari island

Käärmesaari island