28 August 2011

Sunday hike; observing autumn in a forest, Finland

August 2011

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After observing becoming autumn in archipelago last two days, wanted to see how autumn had arrived in forest. A good place for week's recovery and a Sunday hike was in Luukki recreation park (a forest with numerous small lakes), about 20mins drive north from Helsinki.

In Luukki, a forest north from Vihdintie road belonged to Nature Preserve Area. It did contain several hiking path and that's my favorite area to wander. Sometimes I come here for running, too.

Still a fantastic weather continued, although rain and thunderstorm predicted for late afternoon. Plenty of cars at parking lot in Luukki, not only me who'd thought it's a good place to charge your batteries and enjoy nature.

Met and saw people wandering in forest with their wooden baskets, a sign that a mushroom season had started. That proved to be true as I spent lots of time shooting photos of different species of mushrooms. I didn't pick up any of them but knew now becoming lunch; risotto con trombetta dei morti (a.k.a. black chanterelles).

Autumn had arrived in forest and was much more visible than it was in archipelago. Trees had started to drop their leaves, there was plenty of yellow color everywhere. Saw a quite big variety of different type of mushrooms. Silence had arrived, too, as bird singing was rare. The area contained lots of small, very dark brown colored lakes and several bogs. Smell on bogs was fantastic.

People around lakes prepared their camping lunch while children went to swim. Some people in their running leg had a swim break, just to cool a bit, and then continued their run. That's awesome!

Somehow I got a feeling that I'm ready for autumn, thanks to a long and warm summer.

Hiking route stored by GPS (View Larger Map):


Around lakes


New life

Hanging on

What's this?

Saw one mushroom growing there

A Lady had spotted a place for reading 

Aah, a white water lily!

You smell a bog, too?



Still fresh and tasty blueberries!

Eaten by someone

Water plants turning yellow, too

A lonesome

Raspberry plant ready for autumn

Fresh lingonberries, yummy!

Blueberry plant ready for autumn

Ferns transferring to autumn

Juniper berries, let's have a G&T!

Summer's back?

Lunch time

Fresh looking cones

Berries of a lily of the valley, poisoned!

Moss taken advantage

Years of growing are behind

What happens when a wood dies

On hiking path
Spider's nest, caught only needles

No idea what these were